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A balanced and nourishing lifestyle is an open-ended journey, one that should be savored to the fullest.

My coaching approach


We all have ideas of where we want to be in life, and about what our ideal lifestyle looks like. We see it as a goal, until the goal becomes too much to handle. When we've tried and failed a few too many times, we tend to give up. We don't realize that we have set huge steps towards that goal: we know what doesn't work for us!


As a health and well-being coach, I believe in the capacity and the power of change. Often, we are inspired by someone else's story, and we try to copy that story. While doing so, we forget to make it our own. We are not that person. We have different challenges, and different obstacles in life. What works for me, therefore does not automatically work for you. Copying someone else's magic formula has a huge potential for failure.


Furthermore, the Instagram worlds we live in, don't make life easier. We compare ourselves to people that only show their successes. What we don't know is how many times they have failed in order to get where they are now. We also don't know the sacrifices they make to be where they are. We see the tip of the iceberg, but not the part hidden below the surface.

I support you in finding what works for you by helping you create and implement healthy and sustainable habits, that enable you to work towards your goals.

Yet, life isn't set in stone, and neither are our objectives. Sometimes the very things that support us (e.g., our partners, families, jobs) are the things that challenge us on our path of growth, our yellow brick road. What we look at in coaching is where there is room for growth and how that growth can lead to more growth in different aspects of your life. The goal is a healthy, happy and balanced life.

However, finding balance is not an end-point; it constantly oscillates around a core – that core being you, and the balance consisting of a set of elements, aspects, of health and well-being, that you, as an individual, attribute value to. For me, that balance consists of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, relaxation, health, finances, professional purpose, personal growth, relationships and social life, spirituality, and joy.

More often than not, one or more of these aspects are not completely where I'd like them to be. I then revisit my objectives, and use the tools of self-reflection, self-critique and self-correction to make changes. Sometimes, all I have to do is prioritize differently. At other times, I feel the need to revise my objectives completely.

Starting out on a health and well-being journey means putting yourself first. This doesn't mean letting your loved ones down. By taking care of yourself first, you will have more room in your life, and headspace, to be there for your loved ones.

It's not about being perfect! Can you imagine how boring that would actually be? (And how stressful, too!) The coaching is there for you to recognize that you are enough. Being enough and having goals are not mutually exclusive. You also don't have to become someone you are not in order to reach your goals. I am here to help you gain insight into your own life to empower you to turn your goals into sustainable and healthy habits; habits that allow you to excel, and that make room for you to continue your growth.

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