Live Grow Excel Plus Program

For whom?

The six-month Live Grow Excel Plus Program is a program developed to support you in growing sustainable lifestyle changes, and to help you establish and sustain new routines.

Implementing new routines takes time. Over the six months we will work together, you will have the time to find out what works best for you, and to create new and sustainable habits.

What do you get?

The Live Grow Excel Plus Program consists of:

  • a free Initial Health and Wellness Consultation

  • an online 45-minute session, every two weeks (thirteen sessions in total)

  • follow-up notes, post-session, with supporting materials and personalized recommendations

  • biweekly email support and a variety of handouts, recipes, book recommendations, and other materials to help you stay motivated and inspired

  • unlimited support in-between sessions (via email and WhatsApp, 24-hour turnaround)

  • a complimentary Reboot Session, maximum three months after completion of the program


To take charge, improve your health in a joyful way, and...

  • set your personal objectives, and start working towards making them happen

  • understand where your cravings come from and know how to deal with them

  • sustain new self-care routines

  • experiment with new ingredients and recipes

  • take your energy to the next level

  • improve how you feel at work, home, and/or in your relationships

  • grow into living a healthier and happier life

How much does the Live Grow Excel Plus Program cost?