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Group Coaching & Events

Group Coaching 

Maybe you do not want to commit yourself to a coaching program all by yourself. Maybe you'd rather share the experience, or the cost, of a coaching program. Maybe you appreciate to start your coaching journey with the direct support of friends and/or family.

In a group coaching session, we address the objectives you, as individuals within the group, are working towards, we share our experiences (dos and don'ts) on how we move forward on our path of growth, and we support each other in our different ways of turning routines into habits.


Each group coaching program is adapted to the needs of the individuals in the group. Again, with the objective to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • The group sessions follow the pace you set out, as a group, during the first session (depending on the program: Live Grow Excel Light/Plus)

  • Post-session, you receive follow-up notes, and, if needed, supporting materials and personalized recommendations in a private Signal group for your coaching group. 

  • You get access to unlimited support in-between sessions (via email and Signal only, 24-hour turnaround)

A group coaching requires a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 participants.

Should you find it difficult to get together a few people for a group coaching, drop me a line and we'll try to work something out together. 

3-month Light Program

  • Full price: 325 EUR (5 sessions at 65 EUR per session)

  • Paid in 2 installments: 162.50 EUR per installment (payment due before 1st and 4th session) 

  • Paid in full in advance: 292.50 EUR (10% off the full price)

6-month Plus Program

  • Full price: 650 EUR (10 sessions at 65 EUR per session, including 1 complimentary follow up session, post-program)

  • Paid in 4 installments: 162.50 EUR per installment (payment due before 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th session)

  • Paid in full in advance: 585 EUR (10% off the full price)


Currently, I do not have any workshops or events planned.

I usually organise a few workshops per year around themes like:

  • How to go plant-based

  • How about the current fad diet

  • Can you live sugar-free

  • Is it possible to cook without oil

  • How do I cook for the different needs in my family

  • How does one manage to eat ten portions of fruit and veg per day

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have not 

You can always propose a topic of your choice and I will look into preparing a workshop on that topic for you, both as an individual or a company.