Hello and welcome!

I’m Sandra, certified health and wellness coach, and founder of b-XL coaching. 

I'm here to help you:

  • Grow sustainable self-care habits

  • Strike your perfectly imperfect balance in life: one that does change, but that also keeps you informed on where progress is possible 

  • Balance self-care routines and a busy schedule
  • Maintain a positive mindset

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Sandra Peeters
Health & Wellness Coach

Why Health Coaching?

It can help with...

Prioritizing Self-Care


Juggling a family, career, social life, and all the things that (are supposed to) energize us... It can be challenging, right? I help you develop and implement self-care routines that work for you, that nourish you, and that have the potential to turn into sustainable lifestyle changes.

Relaxation, Stress-Management & Balance


A healthy lifestyle is not just about eating what's right, exercising, drinking enough water and getting plenty of sleep. Have you ever given any thought to the impact of your home environment on your state of well-being? Or on how your relationships affect your health? Maybe you already have first-hand experience of how your job impacts your health, too?

I support you in striking your balance (which is not a fixed 'end point', and is perfect in its imperfections and authenticity). You will be able to visualize where there is possible room for improvement. Consequently, visualizing your balance will help you in setting realistic objectives (instead of setting yourself up for failure), and support you in finding the space and time to unwind. It's about knowing where you are and where you'd like to go, and about what drives you and what relaxes you.

Maintaining a Positive Mindset


Most of the time, you know what's best for you. Your inner voice tells you. However, sometimes your inner voice had a lot on its plate and is a bit off, or you don't find the time or energy to listen to it and ignore it in order to get through whatever life has thrown on our plate.

Rationalizing and over-analyzing your feelings doesn't always get you to where you want life to take you, where trusting yourself does. It's about keeping the positive vibe going, nourishing it and making it grow; it's also about knowing that you are enough and you are worth it. And, finally, it's about living life joyfully.

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